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Dec 5, 2012 7:00pm PST
on the wealthy. he says this is needed to avert the impending fiscal cliff of automatic austerity measures that could drag the economy into recession. obama said on wednesday that federal revenues will not reach the level needed to implement his proposals to cut the deficit unless taxes are raised on the wealthy. >> there is a bottom-line amount of revenue that is required in order for us to get a real, meaningful deficit reduction plan. >> obama added that if republican officials acknowledged this reality, the actual numbers proposed by each party are not that far apart. republicans have made a counteroffer. they want to raise revenue by reviewing the current tax deduke system. house speaker john boehner has urged the president to compromise. >> our members believe strongly that raising tax rates will hurt the economy. now we need a response from the white house. >> unless the two sides reach an agreement by the end of this year, the automatic tax increases and spending cuts will take effect in the new year. >>> time to get a check on the markets now. the nikkei here in tokyo rose above the key 9,500 level as concerns ab
Dec 12, 2012 7:00pm PST
chairman expressed strong concern about the fiscal cliff. he urged the obama administration and congress to resolve the problem as soon as possible. >> clearly this is a major risk factor and a major source of uncertainty about the economy going forward. we would try to do what we would. we would increase a bit but i want to be clear that we cannot offset the full impact of the fiscal cliff. it's too big given the tools we have available and the limitations on our policy tool kit at this point. >> let's get a check on the markets now. following the feds decision to take monetary easing steps, the dollar is higher against the yen. that is trading at 83.39 to 40. this is the highest level in eight months. participants are buying dollars due to receding worries after the fed's action. they are hoping the bank of japan will take action at its upcoming policy meeting next week. euro yen quoted at 108.22 to 99. japan's nikkei average went above 9700 at one point. a weaker yen and the u.s. fed's policy decision that's what's lifting a wide range of issues here in tokyo. let's take a look at other asian markets open now. we are seeing seoul's kospi up and over in australia the benchmark is trading unchanged at 4,583. we'll see where
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)